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Our Big Boys

co-owned by Rafter E Longhorns and B-C Longhorns


Rio Deigo is an outstanding young bull, and measured at 33 months old he was 73 3/4 inches tip to tip! He's a beautiful tri-colored bull with red and black spots and a brindle face. We are extremely excited to see our next calf crop by Rio Deigo and some of our top cows!
                     ----------JR Grand Slam
                                           ----------JR Sequential
------JP Rio Grande (sire)
                                           ----------Lamb's Power Play
                     ----------Tx W Lucky Lady
                                           ----------Tx W Rose Bud
Rio Deigo (3-8-07)
                                           ----------Deigo's Hot Shot
                                           ----------Overwhelming Fandango
------Barsuba's Black Velvet (dam)
                                            ----------L Command's Payback
                      ----------LTL Breathtaking Barsuba
                                            ----------Barsuba's Beauty 


Our Junior Herd Sire......


Check out our pretty Petey. He is growing an awesome flat horn and has awesome black and white flashy color!
                   -----------------------JR Hocus Pocus
          ----------Gun Power
                   -----------------------JR Treasure
-Riverforks Hired Gun (sire)
                   -----------------------Jet Jockey 
          ---------Rural Mist
                   ----------------------- Rural Gold
Pistol Pete (3/24/08)
                   -----------------------Classic Reflection
-Hubbell's Sena Boom (dam)
                   -----------------------Sonic Boom
           ---------River Rose
                   -----------------------River Bend Miss


Reference Bulls
Meet some of our herd sires of the past....

Limit Up


Check our the color on this guy!  Speckled face, brindle sides, and spotted hind quarter. Limit is a son of Unlimited, and at 4 years-old he was already 62 1/2 inches tip to tip! He is a outstanding bull and we feel he has the total package.
                    ----------No Double
VJ Tommie (aka Unlimited)
                   ----------OT Superior's Droopy
Limit Up (4/2/2001)
Hubbles Queen of Hearts
                   ----------Double F 065



Overhead has done it again. Just look at this solid boy! What a massive horn and body! This flashy guy has produced, what we feel are the cream of our calf crop for several years.
HangOver (3/28/2003)
Hubbell's Sena Boom
                 ----------River Rose

Horn, Color, and Pedigree.

Curtis and Kathy Elburn
Rafter E Registered Texas Longhorns
Peru, Indiana